Hello Dear,

In the summer of 2021 June 25th, comes the summer event, here we cant miss, if we are serious about this business. Here we will all land entirely in what we are part of and in what ways we are involved in building a new good World. By accepting the opportunity to be a Independent Marketer at Lyconet, press here

Our preparation is a meeting 24th April, May and finally bring 100 people in our team when we go to our Summer Event together.

You have presentations under the tab Online meetings, take care of your people who may be interested by sending them here. (Don´t waste time with negative people.) Time is too short, look for good hearted people who have two components, who are hungry and who understand that the World has changed and are willing to learn.

Thank you for being part of our Tiger Team. Everything that you think is good, you can share with people around you who are looking. Many people today are looking for an opportunity to eat tomorrow. It is good to share what is good. Ask your Upline or have a look yourself and understand that you are involved with one of the most successful Business model on this planet for achieving Economical Freedom and Collaborate for a better World by Building Schools and drilling for water and Education.

65% of all work opportunities we see today will not be seen in a soon future, so this mean unemployed, here you can help mankind and your fellow man understand that and be the heroes in your neighborhood. Blessings!